About Diamonds in Cape Town

A visit to South Africa is not complete without visiting Cape Town, in fact most of the stay needs to be dedicated to Cape Town.

South Africa is famous for its diamonds and with high end visitors travelling to the Mother City it shouldn't come as a suprive that some of the most beautiful diamonds can be found in Cape Town.

Diamond polishing in Cape Town began over 200 years ago where most of the diamonds where found along the Orange River and all the way down to the coast line. Diamonds have been traded in their rough form with some being cut and polished in Cape Town.

In Cape Town diamonds sales are responsible for 30% of the total diamonds being sold in South Africa. Diamonds from Cape Town are often larger and of higher quality than other regions due to the market sophistication and discerning taste.

The Diamonds 27 store offer a wide selection of diamonds exclusively in Cape Town with the assurance of a GIA diamond grading report to accompany each diamond over 0.30ct. The store is situated in the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town and open 7 days a week for convenient shopping.