About us

A world first and the first of its kind in South Africa, Diamonds 27 offers a fusion of retail and e-commerce, and is your international passport to the biggest and best selection of GIA graded loose diamonds.

Diamonds 27 takes its name from the international dialling prefix for South Africa, the number 27. Our store is conveniently located in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and offers a new and unique way of searching and browsing for diamonds. Direct from mine to finger, our team of diamond experts ensure that each diamond is selected for its beauty, cut, clarity, carat weight and value before being set into classic jewellery creations.

All Diamonds 27 diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), known for its high standard of quality and diamond grading. Each diamond is laser enscribed with GIA serial numbers and covered by authentic documentation for peace of mind and diamond identification allowing you to always verify that this is your diamond.

Our e-commerce website enables customers from all over the world to purchase our GIA graded diamonds online and have it safely shipped directly to them. Diamonds 27 includes several global firsts for the world of diamond retail, including complete transparency about the price of the diamonds themselves, and a Buy Back Guarantee with no strings attached so you can buy with confidence and have complete peace of mind.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect diamond for you.

A guide to buying diamonds online

You can either browse and buy GIA graded loose diamonds online in the convenience of your own home, or in our store at one of the terminals. Our diamonds can be sorted by their cut, clarity, carat weight and price. With some expert in-store guidance using the web site, you can build a list of diamonds that match your requirements and a selection of three diamonds can then be examined in the store. If you don’t find your desired diamond online, Diamonds 27 will source it effectively and efficiently for you.

After building a wishlist of diamonds on the site, you can then immediately view up to three diamonds, examining all aspects with expert assistance on hand to guide the purchasing decision so that your choice matches up with the diamond's intended usage: as jewellery, as a gift or simply as an investment in a secure moveable asset.

Diamonds 27 also offers the option to set your diamond into a beautiful jewellery item. View and select your desired jewellery mount, or choose to create a custom designed bespoke jewellery piece with the help of our expert diamond jewellery designers and manufacturers.

Our international shipping options make it easy for customers in other countries to purchase our GIA graded loose diamonds. Simply place your order on our website and a Diamonds 27 representative will be in contact to confirm your order and provide you with all the necessary information.