Ethical and Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamonds 27 is committed to sourcing conflict free diamonds from legitimate diamond sources who share our ethical philosophy and zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds.

Conflict free diamonds refer to diamonds that are mined legitimately and ethically, in areas of the world that are free from violence and civil wars associated with or funded by the sale of diamonds.

To remain conflict-free, participating countries adhere to a stringent regulation to control the mining and exportation of diamonds called the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is an international agreement that involves governments, human rights organisations and the diamond industry. Under this process, only legally sourced diamonds can be sold as loose polished stones or can be made into jewellery. The System of Warranties provides assurance that polished diamonds and jewellery are legitimately traded.

The participating nations have agreed to turn back or impound shipments of rough diamonds from any nation that fails to subscribe to the Kimberly Process standards. Any country unwilling to participate is effectively banned from the international diamond trade.

All rough diamonds that are exported from participating nations are to be placed in tamper-proof containers and accompanied by a certificate of origin declaring that the diamonds were mined and traded by legitimate means. This process tracks rough diamonds from the mine to the shop floor. Therefore, you can be assured that you are buying legitimate diamonds from a trusted diamond source.