White gold
A precious metal that is made up of gold, which in its natural form is yellow in colour, and is alloyed with other metals such as iridium and palladium. The finished product is then rhodium plated to make it look as close to platinum as possible.

Valuation certificate
A written estimate of the approximate retail replacement value of the item described. A valuation certificate can be used for insurance purposes and should be updated every two years to keep the value current. Also known as an appraisal.

Upper girdle facet
One of the 15 facets found on the lower crown portion of the diamond, just above the girdle.

The largest facet which is polished on the top of a diamond or gemstone. This horizontal facet is where most of the light enters and exits a diamond.

Table percentage
The width of the table divided by the average diameter. If the table facet is too large or too small, it will often indicate poor proportions overall.

Radiant cut
A type of fancy shape diamond that resembles a square or rectangle shape with the corners cut off.

The change in direction of a ray of light as it enters the diamond or gemstone and is bounced from facet to facet.

A pave or pavé (pronounced pah-vay) setting is a diamond or gemstone setting in which multiple small stones are set close together and very close to the surface of a piece of jewellery, making it look like as though the jewellery has been paved in gemstones.

The area of the diamond below the girdle measuring to the culet.

Pavilion angle
The angle measured between the girdle and the pavilion main facet.

Refers to blemishes that can be found on some polished diamonds when some of the rough is left on the diamond.

A long, thin included crystal that looks like a tiny rod. The incidence of a needle will affect the clarity grading of a diamond.

A type of fancy shape diamond, which is elongated with points at each end.

A term used primarily to describe small, round faceted diamonds of approximately .18 carat or less.

An item of jewellery which is ready to have the centre / main diamond or gemstone set into.


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