A fancy shape diamond cut with step-cut facets and is rectangular in shape.

Bearded girdle
Tiny, numerous, hair-like fractures extending from the girdle into the diamond.

Bezel facet
On a round brilliant diamond, these are eight large kite-shaped facets on the crown, also called top main facet.

A blemish refers to damage that occurs on the surface of a diamond and effects a diamond's clarity grading. E.g. a nick, knot, scratch, abrasion, minor crack or fissure (cavity), or a poor polish.

Bow tie effect
A bow tie is caused by an area of shadow visible in fancy diamond shapes, usually due to light leaking from the bottom of the diamond.

Brilliance describes the amount of white light reflected from the facets of a diamond.  Brilliance is a combination of lustre, light reflection, colour dispersion and scintillation.

Brilliant cut diamond
The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most common cut usually containing 57 facets (58 if the culet has been polished). Also the most brilliant cut, in terms of most efficient use of light to increase brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Damage consisting of surface crumbling, often accompanied by tiny, root like feathers.

Burn mark / burned facet
Surface clouding caused by excessive heat.

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