The polished planes on the surface of a diamond that gives the finished diamond its shape. The degree and amount of light that reflects from these facets gives a diamond its brilliance and sparkle.

Faceted diamond
A diamond that has transformed from rough into a polished stone with all of its facets.

Fancy shape diamond / fancy cuts
Diamonds that are cut into any shape, other than round, are considered fancy shaped diamonds and typically have a lower cost per carat. Examples of fancy shape diamonds are Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart etc.

A type of inclusion or break in a diamond that looks like a white feather. The presence of a feather is noted in the clarity grade of a diamond.

Also known as the polish and symmetry of the diamond. The finish refers to exterior of the diamond.

Fire refers to flashes of light seen from within a diamond resulting from dispersion. Diamonds that are cut to very good or excellent proportions will display a higher degree of fire.

An imperfection within a diamond. Flaws are noted in the clarity grade.

The degree of luminescence exhibited in certain diamonds when exposed to ultraviolet light or strong sunlight. Most commonly, diamonds fluoresce blue in colour, but can also be a variety of other colours.

A crack or break on a diamonds surface.

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