The amount of reflected light from a diamond visible when it moves. Also known as sparkle. 

Commonly mistaken for cut in the 4C’s but not the same. Cut refers to the finish (proportions and symmetry of a diamond or gemstone), while shape refers to its actual shape whether it is round, square, princess, radiant, cushion, emerald, square emerald, marquise, pear, oval or heart.

Square emerald
See Accsher Cut.

Star facet
One of the eight triangular facets found on the upper crown section, next to the table, of a round brilliant cut diamond.

The overall uniformity to the arrangement of the facets and polished angles of a diamond or gemstone, created when transforming a diamond from its rough state to a polished stone. Symmetrical grading ranges from excellent to poor. Excellent symmetry of a well gut and well proportioned diamond or gemstone will display a higher degree of fire, brilliance and scintillation. While poor symmetry will result in a loss of light and sparkle performance.

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