How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real

How do I tell if a diamonds is real? This question is often asked by first time diamond buyers but lately more and more people are asking this important question as more diamonds imitations and diamonds look-alike stones are finding their way to the market, mostly in jewellery buy also with some loose stones. One of the best ways to be assured that a diamond is real is to buy a diamond from a reputable jeweller with a physical store location in order to avoid scammers like a fly by night operator. Ensure that your diamond is graded by a diamond laboratory, like the GIA, who examines the diamond and can tell if a diamond is real or not through various tests. This is why it is vital that you buy a diamond that is already graded by a professional body.
If you are still unsure whether or not the diamond merchant or jeweller is selling you a real, graded diamond, you can verify this at the diamond grading company that issued the diamond’s grading report.

There are also different types of diamond tests on the market designed to tell if a diamond is real or a fake. The only growing concern is that with the advancement of technology in creating synthetic diamonds or lab created diamonds that most tools cannot determine if a diamond is real or fake.

If the price is too good to be true, if the seller puts you under pressure to buy and tells you that the deal is “for this week only” or that there is limited stock available then it is a clear indication that something is not in place. Natural diamonds and untreated diamonds are not cheap as they are rare and a natural resource which means that there is not a mass amount of diamonds that will be available forever. Like any natural resource, natural diamond supply can become depleted. Only a real diamond will give you true value and will keep on shining with brilliance forever. Real diamonds are the hardest natural material available where most fake diamonds are softer.

Diamonds 27 sells GIA graded diamonds, all guaranteed to be real diamonds with every characteristic detailed on the diamond grading report/dossier assuring you full confidence when buying your diamond.

As the old saying goes… “Real love deserved real diamonds....”